About Stillwater Ranch

Stillwater Ranch, owned and operated by Bryan and Kaye Ross, raises Shire draft horses in its elegant, romantic North Idaho setting just off Dufort Road, southwest of Sandpoint.   Bryan is an Internationally recognized sculptor as well as host for numerous gatherings at the ranch. Kaye is the matron of the ranch who sees to a well run operation. Together they bring you the best of the west in modern times, creating an ambiance of country living in compliment with the great outdoors. Year round, they offer wagon and sleigh rides  to large groups and small. They are particularly noted for their hosting of weddings, but corporate meetings and family reunions are part of the fare as well.

The time of year doesn’t matter at Stillwater Ranch. You will enjoy lasting memories regardless. Strong relationships develop in this setting quite naturally. You’ll come away feeling a little dazzled perhaps but certainly quite renewed in your outlook and optimism, ready for life wherever you live. It’s the way of life at Stillwater Ranch. Come and see for yourself!

Set in the heart of the Pend Oreille River Valley southwest of Sandpoint, it’s a country drive along Dufort Road, not far Jewel Lake and the great spring-time bass fishing of Morton and Cocollala sloughs. Durfort Road is a scenic route off Highway 95 to Priest River and Old Town, two of Idaho’s historic locations.

Bryan and Kaye encourage you to join them for a weekend of pleasure or just an afternoon hay ride. Experience an evening western barbecue, breathing in fresh North Idaho air with the sounds and smells of healthy country life. You won’t regret a moment of it.