Stillwater Ranch Events

Life at Stillwater Ranch is a year-round flow of events and special gatherings. Weddings are key most, especially in the Spring and Summer months. But the ranch is host to other kinds of events as well from anniversaries and family reunions to corporate meetings, art shows and seminars. On the far side of lasting memories, it even serves as a place for a funeral from time to time. The Shire Draft Horses pull a healthy share of people experiencing all kinds of memories for every reason under the sun at all times of the year.

Team up, come to the ranch for the best focus you’ll ever experience in a group setting. Stillwater Ranch is a confident step out of time into full relationships with everyone involved. It’s the setting that does it. But the staff and the horses and the fresh mountain air all play their important roles in assuring that your group experience will be remembered, talked about and enjoyed long after it takes place.

It’s a western country fact!